Sunday, October 25, 2015

Natalie & Kyle Get Married!

What an amazing wedding season! I feel so lucky to have had the couples I did, the venues, my wonderful assistants and awesome experiences. I tried new things and even learned a ton on the way. I cannot wait to see what the next season has to bring. =)

I digress...

To top off this amazing season, Natalie and Kyle got married today! What a sweet and genuine couple. From the moment we arrived at the church, South Suburban Evangelical Free Church, we could see the determination on Natalie's face. She was excited to get married, and so ready! She even added in a few yoga moves to calm her energy. (Prior to getting into her gown, of course.) Her lovely maids were great with tons of laughter and smiles to share with Natalie as she literally was bouncing to help pass the time. Since Natalie and Kyle were both in sorority and fraternity, their brothers and sisters came early for a private gathering as part of tradition. Photos weren't allowed, so to say that I was curious is an understatement! =)

The tears were flowing once Natalie slipped into her lace, deep-v back gown from Effie's Bridal Trunk. Between herself, her mother and her maids everyone had at least a tear or two, or three. She looked stunning, so who could blame them! Her maids were classic in short black, also low back, dresses. There were subtle touches of a retro-vibe with the men's bow ties, the ladies' hair-do's and red patent pumps. 

The men were classically styled in black suits and red ties from Men's Wearhouse. Once they all figured out how to tie their ties, everyone looked great! Kyle was keeping his nerves closer to the chest compared to Natalie. That is until he saw his beautiful bride walk down the aisle; then a tear or two may have crept up and throughout the whole ceremony he couldn't keep his eye's off of her. After a lovely ceremony, they sealed the deal with a kiss and I swear you could see the weight lift off their shoulders as they officially became husband and wife. 

Today couldn't have been better for weather, especially considering it is late October! The sun was shining, the sky was blue and the fall colors were perfect on the Mendakota Country Club's grounds. We took full advantage of it all! Including the six-ish o'clock sunset. I love a good sunset! Austin from Instant Request introduced the wedding party with Space Jam's Let's Get Ready to Rumble... throwback, and classic. The drinks flowed and a plentiful dinner was served from on-site catering team. Fathers of the pair had very welcoming and kind toasts for the newlyweds. Nothing but pure joy from both sides of the family. The best man had a hilarious toast speaking on his bro-mance with Kyle and how it was destiny that they'd be best friends. Seceding to Natalie however, he gave them both his love and best wishes. The maid of honor struggled through tears of joy at first but she pulled through with sweet anecdotes and memories of her decade long friendship with the bride. Including a list from their teenage years they each made of their perfect mate; Natalie's list included freckles and big arms. Kyle happily accepted all of these attributes! All in all, everyone couldn't have been happier for the newlyweds. 

Natalie and Kyle went the less traditional, albeit trendier, route than a tiered wedding cake and instead had towers of macarons from Nikkolette's Macarons. After each of them feeding one another the delicious cookie, the dance began! The music was perfect for this crowd! Butts were wiggling and hands were jiving! 

Natalie and Kyle, enjoy this recap! It was a true pleasure!